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Signs it is Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Aside from manufacturing defects, most water heaters run without issue for years. However, because these systems work day and night to provide you with on-demand hot water, they wear out eventually. And experts recommend replacing your water heater before it fails to avoid disruption of service and to have time to choose the right model for you.

Here are the most common signs that water heater replacement is on the horizon.

  • Water Leaks
    Water pooling around your hot water tank base is never a good sign. Water leaks could be caused by a valve that needs tightening, or it could be that your water tank is compromised and is at risk of bursting. If you see water leaks, call a plumber as soon as possible for an inspection.
  • Lukewarm Water
    Have you noticed your showers aren’t as hot as they used to be despite using the hottest setting? This is another common sign that your water heater is failing. If you don’t get the hot water you’re used to, call a plumber to determine if it can be fixed or if your water heater is past its prime and needs to be replaced.
  • Rusty or Discolored Water
    If you get rusty, discolored, or contaminated water from your hot water tap, it signals a problem with your water heater. Sometimes, replacing the sacrificial anode rod solves the problem, while in other cases, the tank is rusting from the inside and needs replacing.
  • Constant Repairs Add Up
    Frequent repairs mean your water heater is past its prime, and you’re better off putting the money you’re spending on repairs towards a new, more reliable system.

    When you need a new water heater, call the experts at Fitzgerald Plumbing and let us help you choose the perfect model for your family’s usage needs.