Reliable Clogged Toilet Repair in Lakewood

When you flush the toilet, do you notice the water rising or swirling around the bowl instead of going down the drain? Clogged toilets are no match for the expert plumbers at Fitzgerald Plumbing. We have over a decade of experience serving residents throughout Los Angeles and Orange County with reliable residential plumbing repair. Call us today to book an appointment at 562-328-7369.

Watching the toilet rapidly fill after you’ve pushed the handle can quickly induce panic as visions of the mess it can cause swirl around your head. Clogged toilets are common household plumbing problems, but the professional plumbers at Fitzgerald Plumbing are standing by, ready to help when you need them most.

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Common Causes of Clogged Toilets

When you think about how much the average family uses the toilet every day, it’s to see how easily clogs develop. When a toilet doesn’t flush, it’s not only annoying; it can lead to overflowing, which can introduce harmful bacteria-laden waste into your home.

The best way to prevent clogged toilets is to understand what causes them in the first place and take steps to prevent them from happening.

  • Hard Water
    Hard water is defined as water containing a high mineral content, and it wreaks havoc on your plumbing system. Over time, hard water leaves calcium and mineral deposits in your pipes that build up like cholesterol in an artery, narrowing the pipe’s opening and causing clogs.
  • Foreign Objects
    Another common cause of clogged toilets is when people flush objects and materials that shouldn’t be flushed, such as feminine hygiene products, baby and personal wipes, cotton balls, and paper towels. These objects don’t dissolve in water like toilet paper and get lodged in the drain.
  • Too Much Toilet Paper
    Some people need or prefer to use a little more toilet paper to clean up. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, they run into trouble when trying to flush large wads of toilet paper and waste at one time. The better way to deal with this is to flush waste before using toilet paper, and then depending on how much you use, use multiple flushes to get rid of the rest.
  • Corroded Pipes
    Pipes are prone to cracking and corroding as they age, and underground pipes can fail due to shifting soil or temperature changes. If your drain pipes become damaged, water can’t flow through as freely as before, and you end up with a clog.

Regardless of the cause, our certified plumbers have the expertise to solve the problem quickly so you and your family can get back to their normal routine.