Expert Drain Cleaning in Lakewood

Dirty drains impact your home’s entire plumbing system. Get relief from clogged drains with professional drain cleaning services by Fitzgerald Plumbing. Call us at 562-328-7369 if you’re in Los Angeles or Orange County to schedule safe, effective drain cleaning.

Are you dealing with dirty or clogged drains in your home? Don’t risk damage using chemical drain cleaners; call the drain cleaning experts at Fitzgerald Plumbing for clogged drain repair that’s safe for your plumbing, your health, and the environment.

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Clogged Drain Repair

If you’re like most Lakewood, CA homeowners, you rely on over-the-counter drain cleaners or home remedies to deal with stubborn clogs, but these methods don’t always work and can harm your plumbing system.

Chemical cleaners wreak havoc on your plumbing because they use harsh, corrosive acids that generate heat to break up clogs. These chemical reactions that produce heat can damage plastic PVC pipes and the acids can corrode fixtures or old plumbing systems causing leaks or breaks.

Also, if you rely on a septic system, the chemicals in these products kill the beneficial bacteria your system needs to function properly.

Another reason to consider hiring a professional plumber to clean your drains is that most home remedies and drain cleaning products don’t remove the obstruction; they break it up and it often gets lodged deeper in your system to cause further issues. Plumbers remove the material so you can say goodbye to repeated clogs.

Lastly, professional plumbers have access to tools not available to the average homeowner, tools like hydro jetting, endoscopic cameras, and other tools to get the job done more quickly.

Fitzgerald Plumbing is the trusted local plumbing experts with over a decade of experience in drain cleaning and plumbing repair.