Accurate Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Lakewood

Detecting problems in your sewer line is no problem for Fitzgerald Plumbing and our expert sewer line camera inspection. Call us today at 562-328-7369 and need help with your main sewer line in Los Angeles or Orange County.

Get the professional sewer line repair and replacement services you need with Fitzgerald Plumbing!

At Fitzgerald Plumbing, we know that you may not immediately think that your sewer line is the cause when you have a plumbing problem. But, if it is a problem in your sewer line, you must deal with it quickly because you risk health issues and property damage if that sewage backs up into your house.

If you’re wondering why you have a clog that won’t go away no matter what you do, or if you’re constantly smelling sewer odor around your home or property, call our expert technicians for a sewer line camera inspection to find out what’s going on and determine the health of your sewer system.

Once we know what’s causing your drain problems, you receive options for drain cleaning, sewer repair, or sewer replacement – what we recommend will depend on the extent of the problem.

A sewer inspection is not only for homeowners with drain problems; others who benefit from this service include homebuyers who want to check the health of the plumbing before moving into their new home and proactive homeowners who want peace of mind of having reliable plumbing.