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  • Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater Before it Fails
    If your water heater is working fine, you probably think, “Why would I think about replacing it?” Keep in mind that every appliance has a finite lifespan, and it’s always better to replace a system before it fails; here’s why.
  • No Rash Decisions
    A broken water heater often forces people into making rash decisions because they need a water heater immediately, which means they don’t have time to adequately research the best model for their home or whether to upgrade to a tankless system. Replacing your water heater before it fails puts you in the best position to weigh all of your options.
  • You’re Without Hot Water
    When your water heater fails, you will be without hot water for as long as it takes for a replacement to arrive and be installed. Depending on how busy your plumber is, that could be a long time. A planned replacement means the process goes more quickly and smoothly with minimal service disruption.

    You may intend to put off water heater replacement for as long as possible. Still, as you can see, you and your family should replace it sooner to avoid the inconvenience and complications that come from waiting.