Lakewood Trenchless Pipe Repair & Replacement

When you have a damaged sewer line, digging up the yard to fix it can make you question whether owning a home is worth it. However, our expert trenchless pipe repair and replacement service can fix the problem without tearing up your property. If you're in Los Angeles or Orange County, call us at 562-328-7369 and ask about our trenchless repair method to fix your sewer line issues.

Make sure to look into our whole home repiping services if you experience frequent plumbing issues.

Sometimes, traditional sewer line repair isn’t doable because the problem lies in a tough-to-reach spot or there’s not enough time to perform a full-blown repair. Plumbers resort to trenchless sewer repair when traditional repair methods don’t work during these situations.

At Fitzgerald Plumbing in Lakewood, CA, we specialize in trenchless repairs to make things easier for homeowners.