Your Guide for Having Summertime Fun While Being Water Conscious

The summertime is the perfect opportunity for you to get outside and enjoy some time splashing around in the water with loved ones. But with water resources dwindling across the country, many are now looking for environmentally friendly water play activities to take on this summer.

Our team has many years’ experience in this area, and we’re now highlighting several ways in which you can conserve water while still enjoying your summer fun outdoors.

Play a Game of Jump the Water Hose

With one person at one end of the yard and everyone else at the other, you can enjoy a fun game of jump the water hose.

Start by holding the hose at around hip height, and allow the water jet to stream out. Then ask for the other participants to try and jump over the jet stream in mid-air. You can raise the stream as the game goes on to make it more challenging.

The great thing about this game is that if you’re a little off, you won’t have to worry about anyone tripping on the rope.

Choose Sponges instead of Water Balloons

You don’t have to stop the water play fights just because water balloons are such a large waste of water. Why not enjoy time play fighting by throwing sponges at your opponents this summer season?

The great benefit of using sponges is that they can be reused and don’t have to be filled every time you throw like a water balloon. Using sponges for play water fights can help you save water resources while ensuring hours of fun for all.

Enjoy a Game of Sponge Basketball

With a bucket at either end of your yard and two teams of participants, you’re now able to set the stage for a fun game of sponge basketball. Give both teams a few sponges each as they can then pass the sponge between them.

Then, when they’re ready, they can throw sponges into the other team’s bucket for a point. The defending team can try to block their bucket to prevent the attacking team scoring. This game helps children understand the importance of teamwork and can be great fun for large groups of kids! By working with our experts, you can find the ideal environmentally friendly water activities for your family this summer season.