Beware of Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Spring Vegetation Can Interfere With Plumbing

An overflowing toilet is an urgent plumbing problem that can cause a lot of stress. It can often be the symptom of a much deeper problem. When sewer lines become blocked, the consequences can be truly horrifying. Toilets won’t flush. Bathtubs won’t drain. Sewage may back up into the yard or house.

These problems become all too common in the spring. Luckily there are easy ways to deal with blocked sewer lines. In this article, homeowners will discover why blocked sewer lines are common in the spring, what problems they cause and how professionals will deal with them.

Intruding Roots Wreak Havoc on Drain Lines

tree roots Spring sewer problems can result from plants and trees. Trees emerge from dormancy in the spring, and they send out new roots to find nutrients. These tiny roots are strong and can often find their way into sewer lines through cracks or where pipes meet.

Once tree roots can get inside sewer lines, they will rapidly grow. The contents of a sewer line are like food for the tree, so the tree aggressively sends out roots to lap them up. The result is further damage to the sewer line and a giant tangle of roots growing inside the sewer line. If left untreated, they can even damage a home’s foundation and structural integrity

Complications from Intruding Tree Roots

slow draining The homes’ drains are all connected and flow to the main sewer line. This means that problems in the main sewer line– the large, single line that runs through the yard to municipal sewer lines– will quickly be apparent around the whole house. Signs that tree roots have penetrated the sewer line are:

  • Chronically slow-flushing toilets
  • Bathtubs and sink that won’t drain
  • Sewage backups in basements
  • Sewage backing up into bathtubs
  • Burst pipes
  • Lush growth in landscaping
  • Insect infestation near the home

Fixing Problems Caused by Root Obstruction

Professionals have a variety of solutions to help fix clogged drain lines. Some options are:

  • Drain Augers: Plumber’s snakes offer temporary relief from backed-up sewer lines. However, a permanent solution will be necessary once the pipes are breached.
  • Root Barriers: Digging up the yard to replace sewer lines is invasive. Instead of trenching the entire yard and replacing a whole sewer line, try having root barriers installed around pipes close to tree roots. This is a cost-saving option that is quicker and less invasive than repiping.
  • Repiping: For many homes with chronic drain problems, the cause of drain problems is poor installation and proximity to new landscaping. Repiping is a great option because it can reroute pipes around existing landscaping and eliminate issues that are caused by poor installation.
  • Upgrading Piping: In many cases of root obstruction, the problem is due to old piping. Metal piping can rust through, and clay pipes eventually degrade. Upgrading piping to modern PVC sewer lines can seal out invading roots and ensure that none can invade in the future.

A professional sewer line service is the best resource to help find the right solution in every situation.

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