Keep the Water Heater Warm During the Colder Months

Signs That It’s Time to Repair the Hot Water Heater

There is no better way to drive away the chills than to take a hot shower. While hot showers are a necessity at any time of year, the cooler temperatures make the experience all, the more enjoyable. Water heaters do a lot of work in the home apart from just providing heat for comfortable bathing. They also provide hot water for cleaning clothes and dishes. When water heaters start to fail, these are the consequences. 

Losing a water heater is never fun, but if homeowners pay close attention, they will never have to go without hot water. Water heaters generally offer signs that they are having trouble. If homeowners know how to recognize them, they could schedule preemptive repairs or water heater replacements before the unit fails. Here are some of the most common signs that a water heater is having trouble and what to do about it. 

Temperature Problems 

shower Water heaters are designed to provide a consistent hot water supply until the tank can’t meet demand. In most homes, water heaters are sized appropriately to ensure enough hot water is always available to complete hygiene practices. When a water heater fails to do so, then it is a sign that repairs are needed. 

Temperature problems most often come in the form of a noticeable drop in the temperature of hot water or the volume. This can signify that the burner or heating elements can’t keep up with demand. It can also be a sign that the water heater has built up sediment that prevents water heating. Call a plumber at the first sign of inconsistent temperatures so they can perform water heater repairs immediately before any issues worsen. 

Visible and Invisible Leaks 

leaks Leaks in a water heater can be a severe problem, but not every leak will require water heater replacement. In many cases, leaks form at pipe joints. Leaks in pipe joints are due to corrosion common around the water heater and stress from the constant expansion and contraction of pipes that carry hot water. Some of these leaks can be quickly repaired by a professional. 

Leaks that aren’t at pipe joints can be more serious. Water tends to cause rust and corrosion on the metal components of a water heater. This can ultimately compromise the integrity of the unit. Some leaks and cracks in the water heater tank can’t be repaired and will require a water heater replacement by a qualified plumber. 

Age of the Water Heater

Water heaters have a big job to do, and all of that work means they won’t last forever. Most water heaters are expected to last around ten years before they will need replacement. Usually, at around ten years, they will have wear and tear that causes them to spring leaks, or repair bills will become so high that replacement is the best option. 

To save some money when it comes time to replace the water heater, consider a tankless water heater installation. Tankless water heaters last longer and typically have lower energy costs than conventional water heaters. 

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