Prevent a NYE Clogged Drain Disaster With Regular Drain Cleaning

How do you plan to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Lakewood, CA? Perhaps you are going to watch the ball drop? Maybe you’re planning a quiet night in with the kids?

Or is this the year that you are going all out and hosting a New Year’s Eve bash? No matter how you plan to celebrate, there is one thing that is certain: You don’t want your festivities to be overthrown by a drain clog or a drain overflowing.

You want to make sure that your celebrations go off without a hitch (and as a bonus, reap a number of other benefits for the year to come). Schedule a drain cleaning, which is a very smart step in proactive home maintenance.

Fresh Flow for the New Year

Do you relish that moment right after you’ve finished cleaning your home and everything is fresh and sparkling?

Spoiler alert: if you’ve got dirty drains, your home isn’t nearly as clean as you think it is.

There is usually standing water in back up drains, which causes mold to grow and makes other bacteria and germs proliferate.

Don’t forget the awful odor that escapes from your drains when they are dirty, which will make even the cleanest home smell bad. Avoid all of this by getting your drains cleaned.

Start Saving More Money

It is a common habit to deal with a clog by pouring drain cleaner down the drain. This may work at the time, but you are causing damage to your pipes.

The toxins in the cleaners will cause decay to the pipes, which means that you’ll need to replace or repair them, which is costly.

Furthermore, when pipes are damaged, they leak, which will make you waste water and pay more on your water bills.

No More Noise

Do you hear any squeaking or cracking coming from your pipes? That is probably because of buildup that is putting pressure on water as it rushes through.

If you are turning on the hot water, the sounds may be even more noticeable. Get the problem solved with a drain cleaning.

Clog Prevention

You want to be rid of clogs for good and the headaches that go along with dealing with them?

Have a drain cleaning done so that clogs don’t even have a chance to form. Even if you are careful, you’ll end up with grease, hair, and food in your drains as you use them.

When you consider all the benefits of drain cleaning, it’s hard to justify waiting any longer to start making this a regular habit.