Lower Your Water Bill and Conserve Water by Following Our Helpful Guide

Residents of Lakewood, CA have faced quite a few challenges when it comes to conserving water in the last few years thanks to rising temperatures and lowering water levels.

A consequence of water shortages is increased rates for water consumption. Now more than ever it is important to follow some basic guidelines or conserving, recycling and saving water, not only to save money on your water bill but also to help preserve the environment.

Check Your Plumbing for Leaks

If your water bill seems like it is escalating every month it might be due to the rising price of local utilities due to a lack of water in the area combined with minor leaking from your pipes.

The rarer a natural resource becomes, the more it tends to rise in price, so you can’t afford to have a single minuscule drop oozing out of your plumbing system.

However, this can be almost impossible to accomplish if you home has pipes that leak. A professional can inspect your plumbing to make sure it is working properly and make sure that you are not paying for water that is seeping into the ground.

Take a Short Shower Instead of Taking A Bath

If you are going to take a bath, fill the tub up with just a inches of water and to use a sponge to clean yourself.

Then scoop out any remaining water and use it to water your plants. If this seems like a lot of work to you, then try taking a short shower instead.

Limit to your showering time to less than five minutes to help save money, energy, and water. One way to make sure that family members do not spend too much time in the shower is to put an egg timer in the bathroom and advise them to turn the water off when shaving or shampooing their hair.

Wash Your Car at a Carwash Instead of In Your Driveway

Washing your car at a carwash not only saves you from using the hundreds of gallons of water that it can take to get your car clean, but it is also better for the environment.

Cars that are cleaned in a drive-thru car wash activate automated water mechanisms when they are needed as your car is put through the washing process.

When you wash your car in your driveway it is more difficult to tell how much water you are using because you are likely rinsing the soap off of the vehicle with a garden hose.

Recycle Your Greywater By Using It to Irrigate Your Garden

Dirty laundry water, dishwater, and bath water can be recycled manually by saving it in the bucket, or you can get a plumber to run rubber pipes outside so that the water is soaked up by your garden soil.

This water, left over from water, is called greywater and it can help your garden and lawn grow as long as it does not contain large amounts of chemicals, bleach or salt.

Remember that it sometimes takes a plumbing professional to detect leaks and that an expert might be more efficient when it comes to helping you install recycling hoses for greywater.A good plumber will also help you install a low-flow showerhead or automated water mechanisms. Water is destined to cost more than ever in the near future. Combat this inevitable economic reality is to start conserving and recycling your water now.